Our Commitment

To be an instrument for the promotion of an improved quality of life for the OFWs and a world-class and trusted service for the foreign employers, premised on the principles of honesty, efficiency, professionalism and transparency. With these principles at heart, Metro Global Search International Network, Corp. is committed to deliver:

  • 1. To the OFWs:
  • Be assured of a friendly, courteous and professional staff to accommodate and process your applications from a wide choice of job specifications duly approved by the POEA and posted on our on-line web to give you an easy access and hassle-free job applications.
  • With the welfare of the OFWs as our primordial concern, we aim to select and do business to foreign employers who provide and respect internationally mandated working conditions through mutual respect and equality.
  • To effect a prompt assistance in cooperation with the concerned Philippine agencies in the resolution of work-related problems and to maintain constant communication with families of OFW.
  • 2. To our foreign employers/partners:
  • An assurance that Metro Global will exercise due diligence in the selection of world-class and highly competitive OFWs which will cater to your needs through a trusted, dependable, transparent and thorough selection process.
  • To maintain a good relationship and heartily exchange of views and concept towards mutual benefit as between Metro Global, the foreign employer and the OFW.
  • To provide an efficient system of direct and constant communication through an online-system to promptly addressed prospective problems.
  • Metro Global firmly believe in mutual trust which will result to reciprocal benefits for both parties.
  • 3. To our country:
  • To work hand in hand with the government through concerned agencies for the promotion of the welfare of OFWs by religiously following all mandated laws related to labor.
  • To act as a guardian of the rights of OFWs in relation to their working conditions, benefits and dignity as fellow Filipinos.
  • To provide immediate relief to OFWs in distress in cooperation with government agencies and prompt repatriation in times of natural and man-made calamities and to ensure careful selection of OFWs for overseas employment in order to protect the good name of the Philippines abroad.