Our Services


  • Job Sourcing and applicant-job-matching 
  • Assistance in taking Medical and Trade Tests, and in arranging training needs
  • Work Visa Processing at the Embassy
  • Processing of POEA Documentation 
  • Pre Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)
  • Conduct of Final Orientation Seminar before deployment
  • Airport Assistance during deployment
  • Provision of temporary accommodation for provincial applicants
  • Repatriation assistance pursuant to POEA rules and regulations
  • Assistance to deployed workers when the need arises


  • Expert Talent sourcing  
  • Screening and job-matching
  • Interview arrangements (online, face-to-face, phone, etc.) 
  • Mobilization and deployment of selected applicants
  • Progress monitoring of candidates; visits to job sites as needed
  • Reporting and quick feedback to clients on employee concerns
  • Counselling and advise to deployed employees when solicited
  • Other value-adding after sales services